• Email Newsletter – Mar 4, 2021

    Hi all,
    We are very close to getting back in the pool. It is up to you to let me know if you will be participating. I have had several people let me know what they are up to but many I have not heard anything from. I hope you are ok! Please let me know one way or another!!!
    We are looking into pool time at Middleman Jewish Community Center and North Clackamas Aquatic Park. I need to get a hard number on how many swimmers would be attending each of these locations. I would like to go back to the monthly fee structure. If you are only participating one time per week you can still pay $15 drop in fee. The pools that I have been in contact with are charging $140 (NCAP) and $150 (MJCC) per hour. I am waiting to hear back from Bay Club for weekends, also, at $150 per hour. This Schedule would start next week. I do need a significant number team to return so that I don’t bankrupt myself:(
    Practice updates:
    These would be potential times based on what’s available and how many swimmers let us know which ones they would like to attend. So let us know ASAP:
    Mon 7:15-8:15pm, possibly adding 8:15-9:15pm if more demand
    Tue 7:15-8:15pm, possibly adding 8:15-9:15pm if more demandWed 7:15-8:15pm, possibly adding 8:15-9:15pm if more demand (or NCAP)

    (Wed 8:15-9:15pm) Dryland 7:30-8pm outside (Depends on which pool has most interest between MJCC or NCAP)
    Thu 8:30-9:30pm
    Fri 8:30-9:30pm

    Bay Club (no bathrooms or showers)
    Sat and Sun 2-4pm
    if more demand LOHS Pool- No word to when we can start using this pool. We may need to get an email campaign to get back into that Pool. I have sent many emails but I am a West Linn resident. It will probably take LO residents to email to make a difference.

    Registration Forms:
    I will need athletes to fill out and pay their USA Registration and Cascadia Registration form and joining fees. (bold/grey items are linked here to their online documents for download)
    2021 Cascadia Registration (pdf)
    USA Flex (pdf) $20 (2 meets or less, US Citizen, Under 18yo, No State or higher competitions) see attached
    USA Premium membership (pdf) $74 (all meets, any age, any citizenship)
    Joining fee: $40 (does not include cap or t-shirt), (if already paid $70 then you will get a new cap and t-shirt)
    Team Cap $15 (optional)
    Team T-shirt $17 (optional)
    Non-Athlete Registration– for Coach/ Officials registration (team will pay for Officials registration fee)
    Cheat sheet (pdf) for monthly fees chart (if questions please ask me)
    Medical Release Form
    Code of Conduct

    • Changes to fees include:
    • Monthly dues have increase due to increased pool rental and minimum wage increases over the past few years (some pools have gone up 50% since last year alone!). Meet fees will go up to $50 per meet. A reduced rate of $35 per one day meet. Meet fees have also increased over the last few years. Remember, the fee is a down payment for actual fees. Some meets are more (championship or 3 day meets) and some are less.
    • Thanks!

    Kim Hay
    Owner/Head Coach
    Swim For Fun
    Cascadia Swimming

  • News

    All our present swim facilitates are closed for at least 2 weeks (detailed status below).. so it looks like our regular 1 week spring break is just extended to two weeks.. Make sure you continue to get exercise in as best you can. Exercise keeps you healthy and stong! 🙂

    LOSD is closing the LO Pool, along with all LOSD facilities, until March 31st. We will update you as soon as we get information.

    PCC will be closed to all outside rentals until April 17th.

    North Clackamas Aquatic Park will be closed until April 8th at present.

  • March 12th, just in.. PCC is closing all rentals for everything effective now until into April.. So no practice today! Sorry for the late notice but we Just got told.. We are working on adding some practices at North Clackamas Aquatic Park too for Monday and Wednesday evening next week. We’ll keep you posted

  • LOSD Pool Closed this weekend, Sat Feb 29- Sun Mar 1st. Last minute notice to all as the entire LOSD school district will be closing all facilities for this weekend.