Email Newsletter – Mar 4, 2021

Hi all,
We are very close to getting back in the pool. It is up to you to let me know if you will be participating. I have had several people let me know what they are up to but many I have not heard anything from. I hope you are ok! Please let me know one way or another!!!
We are looking into pool time at Middleman Jewish Community Center and North Clackamas Aquatic Park. I need to get a hard number on how many swimmers would be attending each of these locations. I would like to go back to the monthly fee structure. If you are only participating one time per week you can still pay $15 drop in fee. The pools that I have been in contact with are charging $140 (NCAP) and $150 (MJCC) per hour. I am waiting to hear back from Bay Club for weekends, also, at $150 per hour. This Schedule would start next week. I do need a significant number team to return so that I don’t bankrupt myself:(
Practice updates:
These would be potential times based on what’s available and how many swimmers let us know which ones they would like to attend. So let us know ASAP:
Mon 7:15-8:15pm, possibly adding 8:15-9:15pm if more demand
Tue 7:15-8:15pm, possibly adding 8:15-9:15pm if more demandWed 7:15-8:15pm, possibly adding 8:15-9:15pm if more demand (or NCAP)

(Wed 8:15-9:15pm) Dryland 7:30-8pm outside (Depends on which pool has most interest between MJCC or NCAP)
Thu 8:30-9:30pm
Fri 8:30-9:30pm

Bay Club (no bathrooms or showers)
Sat and Sun 2-4pm
if more demand LOHS Pool- No word to when we can start using this pool. We may need to get an email campaign to get back into that Pool. I have sent many emails but I am a West Linn resident. It will probably take LO residents to email to make a difference.

Registration Forms:
I will need athletes to fill out and pay their USA Registration and Cascadia Registration form and joining fees. (bold/grey items are linked here to their online documents for download)
2021 Cascadia Registration (pdf)
USA Flex (pdf) $20 (2 meets or less, US Citizen, Under 18yo, No State or higher competitions) see attached
USA Premium membership (pdf) $74 (all meets, any age, any citizenship)
Joining fee: $40 (does not include cap or t-shirt), (if already paid $70 then you will get a new cap and t-shirt)
Team Cap $15 (optional)
Team T-shirt $17 (optional)
Non-Athlete Registration– for Coach/ Officials registration (team will pay for Officials registration fee)
Cheat sheet (pdf) for monthly fees chart (if questions please ask me)
Medical Release Form
Code of Conduct

  • Changes to fees include:
  • Monthly dues have increase due to increased pool rental and minimum wage increases over the past few years (some pools have gone up 50% since last year alone!). Meet fees will go up to $50 per meet. A reduced rate of $35 per one day meet. Meet fees have also increased over the last few years. Remember, the fee is a down payment for actual fees. Some meets are more (championship or 3 day meets) and some are less.
  • Thanks!

Kim Hay
Owner/Head Coach
Swim For Fun
Cascadia Swimming