Email Newsletter – Mon Mar 8, 2021 (part 2 of 2) (MJCC – specific)

Hi all,

I have had a few confirmations today for x. I know there are a lot more of you who said MJCC was an option for you. I need know exact dates so I can reserve a spot for you. We can only get about 12-18 swimmers in at one time depending on how many older swimmers we have who an social distance in their lane.

For all locations – You must reserve your time with me by email or text. First come first serve! 503-319-4523 cell or
Remember to come with your suit under your clothes and wearing a mask. Bring a zip lock to put your mask in while in the pool. It will be at the side of the deck. Put your name on the zip lock.

Here is more information about the MJCC:
The sign in the front of the building says Schnitzer Family Center. The sign on the building itself says Middleman Jewish Community Center. Kids will enter at the doors on the right side of the front of the building. Dave and I will arrive 15-20 min early to collect registrations and to make sure waivers have been signed. <See waiver link here>. At this point, I only have (5) waivers. It is super easy to do and takes about 1 min.
Once we have your waivers and temp checks done we will proceed inside and go down the stairs and into the pool. There are changing rooms for using the restroom only.
The pool will be one direction only around the deck. Kids will put their personal belongings on a chair during practice. You will need your equipment bag and water bottle with you at poolside.
There are (2) on deck showers for a rinsing shower before entering the pool.Coach will give you lane assignments each day dependent on who is in attendance. PST/ AG1 will be (2) to a lane starting at either end of the pool. AG2/SP/S will be up to 3-4 per lane and will be staggered to start 6’+ apart . Colored cones will be place on deck to help maintain social distancing.When practice is finished, kids will climb out and put their mask on immediately, go to their chairs and dry off, put their towels/clothes/parkas etc. and leave the building the same way they came in.Parents will need to be at the pool at the end of practice. Parents of any 2 and Under who made need assistance may come in and help them. You will need to fill out the waiver and go through the same process as the kids to come into the building.

MJCC Waiver Information and Form (same as link in text above and in the Newsletter email from today)

Please don’t hesitate to email or text me for any information!I’m so excited to see you all!!!